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Lørdag 28. januar

Heaven Shall Burn & Trivium (D+US)

Om koncerten
Maik Weichert from Heaven Shall Burn:
Hi folks, we say it bluntly: Our tour together with our friends from Trivium has to be postponed.Tickets that have already been purchased will of course remain valid.We have tried everything up to the end to set up a practicable concept-especially because you gave us courage with the sensationally good ticket sales figures that were really not to be expected under these circumstances! But the constantly changing regulations and circumstances in the various European countries make it simply impossible to make the tour happen at the moment.The concert world is slowly opening up again, but unfortunately it is still too early for a tour of this size. We really tried everything, talked, negotiated and discussed with organizers and the authorities.Our thanks go to the authorities, who really honestly tried to find a solution, you know who you are! Unfortunately, one must also state that a considerable part of the public authorities showed complete ignorance towards the concerns of the cultural sector and that there was no noticeable interest in a possible improvement of the situation at all.But we don’t want to let the frustration burn us! In all our considerations, of course, the focus was always on people’s safety and wellbeing. We look positively into the future and the tour will be all the more heart-pounding when it finally takes place. Anyone who knows how things are in the music business can estimate how difficult it is to set up and coordinate such a monster tour with two bands like HSB and Trivium, let alone postpone it. And without the friendship between the two bands it would certainly not have been possible to continue this project! We thank you for your understanding. Please don’t be too disappointed, look forward to the upcoming tour, it will be stronger than ever before!
Paolo Gregoletto from Trivium:
“We are deeply disappointed that we have to postpone these dates as we were determined to be one of the first international acts to resume touring across Europe. Unfortunately with the uncertainty of cross border travel and restrictions it’s become impossible for these dates to proceed as planned. We can assure you we were doing everything up until the last minute to figure out a way to do the shows and it wasn’t a decision we made lightly. We can’t wait to return and hope to see all of you at there scheduled dates”


Trivium US

Om koncerten

Heaven Shall Burn & Trivium flyttes fra d. 7. december 2021 til lørdag d. 28. januar 2023 kl. 18:15.Billetter gælder til ny dato eller kan refunderes til og med d. 21. november 2021.