Torsdag 30. maj

Minami Deutsch (JP)

Om koncerten
Minami Deutsch er krautrock fra Tokyo, der trækker på de klassiske dyder fra Neu!, Can, Tangerine Dream mv. og udgiver på bl.a. Kikagaku Moyos label Guruguru Brain.

“While Minami Deutsch’s eagerness to explore novel sounds makes them more than just revivalists, it’s the structure

of With Dim Light that makes their experimentation powerful. Beyond the repetitive beats dance music takes from
krautrock, it can be tough to pinpoint the techno influences that the band has talked up, but the sequence of the new
album evokes the peaks and drops of a great DJ set.”

“Minami Deutsch make the magical achievements of motorik-pioneers like Can and Neu! accessible to a whole new

generation. Self professed repetition freaks, they hit a genuine Krautrock nerve underpinned by an otherworldliness
that recalls the hypnotic yet electronic pulses of Tangerine Dream or minimal techno.”
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