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Torsdag 4. november

Sepultura (BR)

Special Guests:

Sacred Reich
Om koncerten

Even though the world is slowly opening up and shows are starting to take place, there is still too much uncertainty with the ever-changing rules between the different European countries. As a result of this, Sepultura is forced to postpone their European QUADRA tour to 2022.

Andreas Kisser comments: “It’s really hard to postpone another tour once again, due to the Covid-19 restrictions. We are forced to do this to make sure everyone is safe to enjoy the concerts. We are very happy and thankful for the tickets sales and so anxious to jam for you all! It will take a little longer but we will see each other soon in a safe environment for all of us. Take care and LISTEN TO QUADRA!! “

Købte billetter kan benyttes til den nye dato eller refunderes senest 29. oktober, der hvor de er købt.


Endelig kan Europas Sepultura-fans begynde at glæde sig: Efter den længe ventede ’Quadra’, der udkom i februar, har den brasilianske urkraft siddet klar til at tage albummet med på landevejen. Endelig kan man skimte en ende på pandemien, og det navnkundige thrashband kan derfor også offentliggøre, at de rammer Europa i efteråret 2022.

Derrick Green fortæller:
“It’s been a challenging year for all of us around the world and we are extremely excited to get back on the road again. We look forward to rocking out with you all again very soon!”

Andreas Kisser tilføjer:
“We cannot wait to return to the stage to jam our new album QUADRA and some old tunes of our career! Europe is the territory I enjoy the most to play and we all miss you so much. See you all soon SepulNation, keep safe and well!”

Sacred Reich og Crowbar vil slutte sig til caravanen, og glæder sig mindst lige så meget. Sacred Reichs Phil Rind bekræfter “We are very excited to confirm these dates with our friends Sepultura and Crowbar. Don’t miss this tour. It’s going to be a blast! We can’t wait to see you.”

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Special Guests:

Sacred Reich US

Special Guests:

Crowbar US

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