Amager Bio

Torsdag 1. juni


Om koncerten

Hi! We are the “Young U-nite” team, and in the first day of this summer we invite you to come and experience our amazing event in Amager Bio.

We want to share with you what we love about our culture and what we dream about for the future of Ukraine. Also we want to create new connections between Ukrainian and Danish cultures
(if you are not Ukrainian or Danish feel free to come).

This evening you can experience a market with unique Ukrainian products supporting real Ukrainian needs, and an exhibition of new designs, music and art. On the main stage, Oh Land and Adi will perform “Sådan Ligger Landet” to welcome Ukrainians in Denmark. And groundbreaking Ukrainian artists: Ingret and Sophistication will astound you with Ukrainian sound.

All the way from Germany DanceTheater “Rosinka” (originally from Kharkiv) will come and show us a special performance “Lullaby For The Planet”.

To broaden your mind there will be inspirational presentations and speeches to increase your knowledge about Ukrainian culture.

There will be a foodcourt where you can buy a cheap meal.

Come and support us!

Let’s unite for the future!

This event is for 50% Danes and other nationalities and 50% Ukrainians. The amount of tickets is limited.

The program will be in English and Ukrainian.

This event is supported by Amager East Local committee, Amager Vest Local committee, Tuborg Fondet, Amager Bio, Teater ZeBU and Bevar Ukraine.